10 Lessons from my last 10 Years

During my journal time recently, I reflected on how I got to where I am today.  I was considering the circumstances, people, and activities that impacted my life.  I wanted to capture the things that I learned, some I became aware of right away and others I was not aware until my time reflecting.   They all have an impact on the transformations I have made in my life.  Over the next Month I will share some inspiration on my learnings.

10 life lessons from my last 10 years.

  1. Only have expectations for yourself.
  2. Everything is a choice.
  3. Stress alone is bad, using it to learn is good.
  4. Work will keep taking if you keep giving.
  5. Family (birth or choice) takes priority.
  6. Don’t let anyone stop you from being you.
  7. The world is big. Everyone is different. Keep your mind open. Keep learning.
  8. Tackle challenges head on, don’t ignore.
  9. You don’t find time, you make time.
  10. Emotion is a powerful motivator and fuels my energy.

Your Turn

Thinking back over the last year of your life (you can expand the timeline if you want) can you identify the turning points that impacted your direction? 

  1. Where they good or bad?
  2. What impact did they have?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. How can you leverage your learnings to continue to make better choices now?

5-Minute Cup Filler Exercise

Here is a 5-minute daily exercise to develop your skills around applying the lessons you have learned to improve your daily outcomes.

Choose to be a better version of yourself every day.

Think back over the last year.

BECOME AWARE:  Identify one opportunity where you ignored, or failed to recognize, a lesson that you have learned.

BE GRATEFUL: Rephrase your original action into the choice you can be grateful for.  What is the “better version of you” you choose instead?

I am grateful for __(insert what you became aware of)___ because it gives me a chance to __(insert what you will do differently)___ .

TAKE ACTION: What is one choice (when faced with it again) you can make to manage your reaction and improve the outcome?
Name an additional action you choose to take throughout the day to reinforce.

Jen Weis

The publisher of Morning Cup.