How “How to Save a Life” came to be

Reaching and Giving Hope to the Lost

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please reach out to a helpline or mental health professional in your country. You are not alone, and help is available. Call or text 988 or text TALK to 741741.  Web resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (, The Trevor Project (

I am a mother, and I’ve witnessed the unimaginable pain that suicide leaves in its wake. A painful chapter in our lives has just begun, my 21-year-old son lost one of his best friends and roommates to suicide. I watched as my son and his friends grappled with confusion, guilt, and sorrow, trying to make sense of something that no one should ever have to face. I also saw the indescribable grief that enveloped the young man’s parents, who had to bear the anguish of losing their child before he had truly begun his journey.

But I also saw something else amidst this heart-wrenching tragedy. I saw the friends and parents of those left behind, their helplessness and their desire to piece together the fragments of a life cut short. I witnessed a community coming together, supporting one another, and remembering the life that was lost. It was in those moments that I realized I didn’t want this tragedy to be remembered only as a heartbreak. I wanted it to bring hope.

That’s when I felt a calling—a calling to raise awareness about suicide among teenagers and young adults, particularly focusing on the male population. According to the CDC, young males account for a staggering three times more suicides than females. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t know exactly how I’m going to achieve this mission, but I believe God has a plan, and it will be revealed to me. I trust that everything I need to put this plan into action will be provided. My goal is to reach as many people as we can who feel lost and hopeless and to pray that our collective efforts can save lives.

People learn and cope differently, and what works for me may not work for another. My son, for example, uses music as a constant source of coping, healing, and focus. He also finds solace in books, videos, and podcasts.  The vision that has been given to me is to create a series of blogs (I had just launched, interviews, a book, a soundtrack, a movie, and a social media campaign—all under the banner of “How to Save a Life, Reaching and Giving Hope to the Lost.” It’s a tall order, I know! But I believe in divine intervention and the power of putting our intentions out into the universe and letting it respond.

Be part of our journey to bring awareness, education and conversation.

As I write this at 3 AM, I am reminded that sometimes, the most profound visions come to us in the stillness of the night. So here goes, if I’ve tagged you in this post, I believe there’s a reason you are on the top of my mind this morning. You have made an impact on my family’s life, you are reaching the target demographic, or perhaps you share an interest in this topic and feel a calling to play a role in our mission.  Together, we can bring hope to those who need it most and work towards preventing more tragic losses.

Anyone who has been touched by suicide or attempted suicide or recovering from suicidal thoughts and you want to tell your story please reach out to me at  
Any who wants to be part of this mission please reach out and follow our Facebook Page (MorningCupCom).  Anyone with resources that they want to share with our community please reach out.  

  1. Microsoft @Microsoft – Thank you for employing me for the last 7 years, which is providing me with knowledge, financial security, and now AI to help me bring this to life faster.
  2. Conscious Content Inc. @Conscious1films, – You create media around the theme of mental health and are bringing on my son as a social media intern. Thank you for your support in finding counselors for the boys. I hope we can work together on the above.
  3. @LCSMaitland and @lifeworksfl, Dwight Bain – Thank you for being so responsive and jumping to help provide support for the boys.
  4. Tim Tebow @TimTebow – I recently saw you speak at a benefit for Great Lake Teen and Adult Challenge, and your message deeply resonated with me. Your definition of “being called” as an urgent and divine invitation to accept responsibility for a specific task struck a chord. In addition, one of my son’s best friends (from this core group of 7 boys) is a college quarterback, a firm believer, and looks up to you.
  5. Tony Dungy, @TonyDungy – I know you have faced the pain and you understood the good that could come from it.  “Because of Christ’s spirit in me, I have the peace of mind in the midst of something that’s very, very painful. That’s my prayer today. That everyone would have this same peace.”
  6. The Fray @TheFray, “How to Save a Life” – My son has found solace in your song, listening to it repeatedly. He commented that he didn’t fully understand its meaning until now.
  7. Hannah Mrozak @HannahMrozak – You come from our community and know all too well what we are going through. You are also a singer and songwriter.
  8. The Voice @NBCTheVoice, Adam Levine @adamlevine, Jennifer Hudson @IAMJHUD – Hannah Mrozak was on your show, and you shared her story.
  9. Nightbirde @_Nightbirde (RIP) – You shared your story of battling cancer on America’s Got Talent and conveyed your heart through song. I would like to use your song “It’s Ok” on the soundtrack. I also took away your quote and have used it in one of my blogs: “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”
  10. America’s Got Talent @AGT and Simon Cowell @SimonCowell – You had the pleasure of having Nightbirde on your show, and her story and message left a deep impact on me.
  11. Anthem Lights @anthemlights (who covered It’s OK and other great songs!) – We love your music.
  12. Joe Rogan @joerogan, the Joe Rogan Experience – My son and I are avid listeners of your podcast, which reaches the audience we want to connect with. We’d love to hear more discussions on mental health topics.
  13. David Goggins @davidgoggins, Can’t Hurt Me – Your book had a profound impact on my son, who fought with his own mental health issues. He completed the Madison Ironman at the age of 20, a feat he humorously refers to as his first marathon during the IronMan.
  14. Elon Musk @elonmusk – My son is a big fan, so are many of his friends. Your stock was one of the first ones he brought when he was old enough. He keeps telling me to buy a Telsa!
  15. Mastermind, Tony Robbins @TonyRobbins, Dean Graziosi @deangraziosi and Matthew McConaughey @McConaughey – Tony, I attended one of your events years ago and believe in the power of energy. Dean, my parents had one of your original real estate courses on tape. Matthew, your recent “Roadtrip” aligned perfectly with my journey. I am currently taking MasterMind Launchpad Accelerator with the goal of launching, a book, and an online course. However, I am now sidetracked by this calling to create awareness around suicide prevention.
  16. Mindvalley @mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani @Vishen– I recently subscribed to your platform and have been immersing myself in your meditations and quests. I plan to become a Mindvalley certified coach.
  17. Jon Gordon @JonGordon11- I recently finished your book “The One Truth” which reinforced my beliefs and concepts on the Your story about helping a boy with suicidal thoughts resonated deeply with me.
  18. Regan Hillyer @ReganHillyer – I’m currently taking your Art of Manifesting course and am manifesting a plan by the end of the course. My second manifestation is a Colorado retreat to support young adults overcoming challenges and becoming advocates for hope.
  19. SheSummits14ers, Erin Figer and Louis McEvoy – Our vision to start a retreat in Colorado to help people accomplish new things needs to kick itself into high gear, especially for this new demographic of young adults overcoming challenges who want to be advocates for change.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please reach out to a helpline or mental health professional in your country. You are not alone, and help is available. Call or text 988 or text TALK to 741741.  Web resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (, The Trevor Project (

Jen Weis

The publisher of Morning Cup.