I Choose Growth

Don’t be a know-it-all. Instead choose to learn-it-all.

I have a compass I have developed that I live by.   One of the points on that compass is learn.  I choose to continue to expand my mind with new experiences, new knowledge, new people, new challenges and new perspectives.  I also choose to use any stress and feelings of being overwhelmed as learning opportunities on how to do things differently.  I am constantly adapting and adjusting to meet the needs of me, today.  I read and I try new things all the time.  It is important to me to have a growth mindset.

Developing and maintaining a growth mindset requires effort and conscious attention to remain open to learning. One particular area where I face challenges is in accepting feedback and seeking assistance. In the past, I would often take feedback personally, and although I may still have initial reactions, I have learned to pause and reflect. Now, I actively listen, taking the time to internalize and evaluate the feedback I receive. I draw my own conclusions, considering what I can learn and how I can grow from the feedback provided.

A growth mindset is a belief system and attitude that embraces the idea that abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed and improved through dedication, effort, and learning. It is the belief that our potential is not fixed, and that we can continuously grow and evolve throughout our lives. Individuals with a growth mindset see challenges as opportunities for growth, view failures as learning experiences, and are motivated to put in the effort to improve and develop their skills. They embrace the idea of continuous learning, value perseverance, and are not deterred by setbacks. A growth mindset fosters resilience, a love for learning, and a belief in the power of effort and practice to achieve success.

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Simple Acts of a Growth Mindset

Read books, attend seminars, take courses, listen to podcasts, try new things, meet new people to expand your knowledge and challenge your mindset.

Embrace the power of curiosity and open your mind to the endless possibilities of learning. In the pursuit of knowledge, you unlock the doors to growth, transformation, and a world of infinite potential.

A person with a growth mindset possesses certain practices and traits that contribute to their continuous growth and development. Here are a few key practices and traits of someone with a growth mindset:

  1. Embracing Challenges: Individuals with a growth mindset see challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles to avoid. They willingly take on new challenges, view setbacks as learning experiences, and persist in the face of adversity.
  2. Embracing Learning and Curiosity: Those with a growth mindset have a thirst for knowledge and a genuine curiosity about the world. They actively seek out new information, ask questions, and engage in lifelong learning. They understand that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort and dedication.
  3. Embracing Effort and Persistence: People with a growth mindset understand that effort and persistence are essential for growth and mastery. They are willing to put in the hard work, practice diligently, and persevere through setbacks. They see setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve.
  4. Embracing Feedback: Individuals with a growth mindset value feedback as a means to learn and grow. They see feedback as constructive input rather than personal criticism. They actively seek feedback, reflect on it, and use it to make improvements.
  5. Embracing Resilience: Those with a growth mindset demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. They bounce back from failures, adapt to change, and maintain a positive outlook. They see setbacks as temporary and believe in their ability to overcome obstacles.
  6. Embracing Collaboration and Learning from Others: People with a growth mindset value collaboration and see the value in learning from others. They are open to different perspectives, seek out diverse opinions, and actively engage in discussions and collaborations to broaden their understanding.
  7. Embracing Personal Responsibility: Those with a growth mindset take ownership of their actions, choices, and outcomes. They understand that they have control over their own growth and development. They do not blame external factors but instead focus on what they can do to improve.

By cultivating these practices and traits, individuals can develop a growth mindset that empowers them to embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, and continuously learn and grow.

Your Turn:  Growth Mindset

Become Aware

  • What does learning new things mean to you?  When was the last time you took intentional time to learn something new?
  • How open are you open to learning new things? Changing your perspective to new ideas and new ways of doing something?
  • What areas of your life does, or could it impact having a growth mindset?
  • Notice any observations (gaps, triggers, patterns, and situations) that limit your ability to learn new things and that having a growth mindset could change.
  • Acknowledge your (observation) and its (insert impact)

I am aware ______________________ and it’s _________________________.

Be Grateful

  • Identify one observation you want to become aware of and use as a reminder.
  • What is the mindset or choice you want to have or make once you become aware.
  • Change your perspective, be grateful for (insert observation), because it reminds you to (insert mindset).

I am grateful ________________________ and because I can __________________________.

Take Action

  • Name an action you will take next time you become aware or one that you can take to reinforce your choice daily.

Next time I become aware I will _______________________________________________.

Jen Weis

The publisher of Morning Cup.