About Mission Save A Life

Our Mission
Using awareness and education we empower individuals and organizations to save lives by fostering mental well-being with a focus on compassion, connection, and conversation.

Our Vision

A world where individuals, communities, schools, businesses, and organizations are empowered with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to recognize, address, and advocate for mental health and reduced suicide rates.

Our Goals

Mission Save A Life, Inc. is a Wisconsin Non-Profit; our 501c3 tax-exempt status is pending.

Reach and Impact:

  • Reach an audience of at least the number of suicide attempts and deaths (1.7M attempts and 48k deaths in 2021).
  • Secure that number of pledges in support of mental health and suicide awareness, education and actions.
  • Raise funds (a minimum of $1 annually for each suicide attempt or death) to support our initiatives.
  • Provide a process for anyone to apply for funds for a project they want to implement to progress the mission.
  • Provide tools that make awareness, education and action accessible to all leveraging AI for good. 

Team and Alliance Building:

  • Resource for key functions to facilitate operations, marketing, content and curriculum, alliances, fund raising, technology, or other essential roles.
  • Build alliances with organization with complimentary missions that we can amplify our joint messages. 
  • Engage the community by providing a platform and opportunities for individuals to engage and contribute to the mission (including submitting proposals to leverage the funding for projects that help us reach our goals).  Special consideration for projects coming from High School and College Students.

Advisory Board:

  • Assemble an advisory board consisting of representatives from alliance partner organizations, including mental health providers, churches, schools, businesses, public service entities, technology companies and others.

Government Advocacy:

  • Advocate for policy changes and government support to advance mental health awareness and access to resources.
  • Lobby for improved mental health services and crisis response. 

Our Strategy

Awareness Campaigns: Develop awareness campaigns to reach the target audience, utilizing the scale of the suicide statistics as a benchmark.

Education Initiatives: Create or expand educational programs and curricula to meet the goal of reaching and educating a significant portion of the target audience.

Crisis Response Support: Promote crisis response planning, training and resources for schools and businesses, aiming to enhance preparedness and support systems.

Community Building: Continue building an engaged online and offline community and encouraging individuals to take the pledge and take action. Create a program for crowd sourcing projects that contribute to our mission.

AI for Good: Develop the AI chatbot as the first line of support and education, contributing to supporting the need of our audience. Build an AI engine that can be used by applications (including social) that looks for intent and mental health concerns and to be used to drive awareness, education and action. 

Our Action Plan

Research and Development: Invest in research to understand the information currently available and inform effective strategies for reaching and impacting the defined audience.

Partnerships and Collaboration: Collaborate with partner organizations to amplify our collective efforts and reach.

Content Creation and Distribution: Create or leverage compelling content and distribute designed to resonate with the target audience and raise awareness.

Community Engagement: Foster community engagement through tailored events and support initiatives. Encourage our youth to get engaged by submitting proposals for projects that support the mission. 

AI Chatbot Development: Fast-track the development of the AI chatbot to ensure accessibility to a wide audience.

Advocacy and Fundraising: Advocate for policy changes and secure funding to support our ambitious goals.

Evaluation and Improvement: Continuously evaluate our progress, adjust strategies as needed, and strive to exceed our goals.


By setting ambitious goals related to audience reach, pledges, fundraising, team development, and government advocacy, Mission Save A Life aims to create a lasting and transformative impact on mental health awareness, education, and advocacy, with the ultimate goal of reducing suicide rates and fostering a culture of empathy and support.

Want to join the mission?

What does it mean to foster mental well-being?

To foster mental well-being means to actively support and promote the mental health and emotional resilience of individuals, communities, and societies. In our mission, it is not only to help you as an individual empower yourself, but for you to help empower and foster others. Think of it as polishing a mirror, not just to admire your reflection, but to ensure it shines brightly, helping others find their way through life’s darkness. It’s about actively championing the mental health and emotional strength of individuals, communities, and societies by sharing your growth through challenges. Think of it as crafting a beacon, not just for yourself, but for those around you.