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I pledge to educate myself, raise awareness,
share my truth, and ignite change.

We Believe

At Mission Save A Life, we believe in the power of collective action to make a difference in the world of mental health. By taking this pledge, you become a vital part of our mission to raise awareness, educate, and inspire action to combat mental health issues and suicide.

As individuals, we have unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that make us valuable. But when we come together, we can achieve even greater things. Collaboration and teamwork allow us to combine our strengths, support one another, and accomplish goals that may have seemed impossible on our own. Together, we can create positive change, make a bigger impact, and achieve extraordinary results. Let’s harness the power of acting as one and work towards a brighter future together! 

How to Join The Mission

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Officially sign below and share that you are joining the mission.

Encourage Others

Inspire at least three friends or family members to take this pledge and be part of our community!

Get Involved

Spend time reviewing the material we have collected and our mission, vision, strategy and plan. Sign up

I pledge to:

  1. Connect: Like or Follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to stay informed and engaged.
  2. Share My Truth: Create a heartfelt social media post sharing my connection to the mission. Examples:
    • “My name is [Your Name], and I lost my [relationship] to suicide. I support #MissionSaveaLife to #BreakTheSilence and stigma surrounding mental health. You are not alone. Join the mission at 💚 #IAmListening”
    • “I’m [Your Name], and I’ve struggled with [mental health issue]. It’s time to #BreakTheSilence, and share #MyTruth. Join me in supporting #MissionSaveALife at 💪💙”
    • Feel free to personalize your message while including relevant hashtags. Feel free to include some of our images below. 
    • Go Live (If you are willing): Share my commitment live on social media, amplifying this mission and encouraging others to join the mission.
  3. Donate: Contribute $1 to support the mission. Donations fuels our efforts to make a lasting impact (see the About Page).
    PLEASE HOLD OFF on donations until we secure Nonprofit charity status.  At that time we will have a button here and on all of our socials to donate. 
  4. Encourage Others: Inspire at least three friends or family members to take this pledge and be part of our community.
Together, we can drive awareness, education, and action in the fight against mental health challenges and suicide. Let’s break the silence and make a change!