Words to Inpsire

I wrote this in 2009 the first time I left my corporate role and kicked off a program I was creating called “In 22 Days”.  I just “re-found” this at the perfect time and it brought tears to my eyes.   A habit takes 21 days.  What will you do in the next 22 days? 

You are always one choice away from a completely different life.  Choose you!

My words to inspire…

Sing with the music.
Soak up the sun.
Spend time with those you care about.
Learn to have fun.

Try your best.
Be free to make mistakes and forgive yourself.
Be free to let others make mistakes and forgive them too.
Love Unconditionally.

Dream big.
Play big.
Smile big.
Love big.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in others.
Believe in endless possibilities.
Just believe.

Help someone be successful.
Tell someone you love them.
Say Thank You.
Be a friend.

Make a promise and keep it.
Promise to be true to yourself.
Be true to others.
Just Be.

Take a do over.
Plant a tree.
Get around to it – whatever it may be.

Remember the little things.
Love, Live, Learn and Laugh.
Expect the unexpected.

Whatever you do…
Do it with purpose.
Do it with energy.

Do it with gratitude.
Do it with integrity.

What will you do in the next 22 days? 

Jen Weis

The publisher of Morning Cup.